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Baby Born mini


  • 15cm
  • +1.5
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Baby Born mini dolls

Baby Born Mini Surprise - unwrap surprise from MGA Entertainment. It is designed as a textile knot (such as those in which storks bring babies) with a Baby Born mini-doll and other “surprises” inside.
Just inside the cute textile packaging 10 surprises:
- the basis of the entire collection of mini-doll Baby Born;
- the pupa lies in its unique children's envelope, designed in the form of a mythical, or real animal, insect, cocoon from plants, or even in the form of food;
- eyes of kids can be “developed” with water;
- after removing the cocoon with water, hair appears;
- a bottle complete with a baby will help determine the sex of the baby;
- everything is wrapped in a baby textile blanket;
- if you water the baby from the bottle, the water will show a pattern on the diapers;
- on the collector's poster there is a tear-off birth certificate;
- three mini-games to find out the baby's name, date of birth and favorite food;
- and the poster of the collector.
Baby Born Mini Surprise Snuggly Swaddles 12 cocoons, with possible combinations of skinton, eye color and hairstyle in babies - 21 (four skinthons, four eye colors and three hair colors), seven different prints on diapers and two bottle colors (blue and pink).

  • Height 15cm
  • Age +1.5
  • -% -%