Pop IT! Push Bubble Fidget

New in 2021! Pop IT!
Push Bubble Fidget is anti-stress for kids and adults. Pop bubbles forever!
The toy has no age restrictions, it develops memory, fine motor skills, and has a strong sedative effect!
Great activity to calm the senses. If you like bubbling on bubbles, then you will definitely love this game!
Push Bubble Fidget Pop IT! will give you that extraordinary pleasure that the sound of a bursting air bubble delivers. Thanks to the sensory toy, you will experience a feeling of relaxation that allows you to release all stress and calm emotions.
Feel like the epidemic is boring or annoying for you or your child? Then you might need this Pop it Fidget toy - push the bubble down and burst it! Just push on the balls and they will make a light pop; then flip and start over!

Suitable for everyone and all ages - family, children, students, office managers, grandparents .....
An important point is to relieve stress for children with special needs with autism.